Level Contracting is a general contracting firm that provides a hands-on  construction crew and understands the importance of working with professionals in each area of construction.

We bring together strengths in all disciplines, establishing relationships with subcontractors and providers that know their fields. These ongoing working relationships contribute to timely, accurate and professional job completion for your project.

Dan was raised around the building industry – spending summers working with a family-owned commercial contracting company with over 50 years of building in the Puget Sound area. He, along with other skilled and professional crew members is actively involved in each job Level completes.


A successful design build team relies on good communication and a well established, amicable relationship between the builder and designer. Level Contracting works closely with Justin Frankin Design and Engineering, and together, we will help walk you through the design process while considering the upcoming construction process. Looking forward to these phases simultaniously will save time and money.

This option provides four distinct advantages: 

  • Ability to work closely with the designer and contractor , not only the contractor, as the source of contact.
  • Preliminary pricing long before design is completed to ensure the budget will cover project costs.
  • No additional costs to change out materials that prove to be expensive or ineffective.
  • Complimentary work styles and expectations for design and build processes.

Our work is strongly based on referrals from our clients. Unknown costs can force a project to run over time and budget; arguments over expectations can sour a relationship.  To ensure success, Level Contracting works on a stipulated sum contract. This type of contract works closely with the client to obtain comprehensive project definition so all costs are included in the contract before construction begins.  A stipulated sum contract offers a low financial risk to the client and the assurance that the project is completed at a predetermined level quality.  Because Level Contracting and Justin Franklin have a constant working relationship, we are able to resolve any design, engineering or onsite construction support as they arise without additional consulting costs to the client.

In addition to the above benefits of working with our team, Justin Franklin applies a 15% discount to his completed services when jobs are done with Level Contracting. This is largely due to the fact that working with Level Contracting will pose less demand and expectations than a contractor that does not know Justin’s style presentation.

This proposal can be completed in an ala carte fashion to suit your needs and is presented for your review and acceptance.